Nest #36 hatched – August 26, 2016

Morning events:

Nest #36 hatched during the night sometime before high tide at 48 days.
Inventory Sunday.
Nest #34 had one more emerge.
Nest #39 has a hole and no green.
Nest #41 has a little crack and started sinking and Nest #43 has the outline of the hole. Both of these were relocated nests.

Last night:

Nest #31 had one more hatchling emerge around 7:30
Nest #32 inventory results: 90 shells, 2 unhatched, 1 spacer and 1 live
Nest #33 inventory results: 115 shells, 2 unhatched, 2 pipped dead and 4 live hatchlings

Be sure to check your upcoming nests. Green has been delivered up to #43
but if you get to your nest and see you need more green or tools just let me know.