Nest #42 hatched – August 31, 2016

Boy what a rain last night.  I know some of you got soaked because I saw your empty cars as I was heading out.  Thank you for your dedication but just as a reminder, please do not be on the beach during lightning.  I love my turtles but I love you more.

Nest 42 hatched at the onset of the rain.  Team 5 counted 71 before they left for cover. Inventory Friday.

Nest 40 had a crevice this morning.  It was lightly over washed by the tide again but we are still hopeful.

Nest 41 looks like it may have hatched too but there were no tracks of course.  We will start a 5 day count, so Sunday inventory.

Inventory results for nest #39:  97 shells, 18 unhatched, 2 pipped dead, 1 dead and 37 live hatchlings.

And the best news of the day…Reece continues to improve. Probably not quite ready for release but looking good.

Reese is improving
Reese is improving