Nest #56, Friday July 28

Well yesterday was certainly a day for the record books. The NS, nesting site near nest #1 and #54 hatched yesterday around 10:00 a.m. some folks on the beach saw them and helped them to the water and let us know they counted 40-50 hatchlings. Team JaLu put green around it yesterday evening and one more hatchling emerged. We will inventory Sunday night. Then about 10:30 last night we got a call from Caswell Beach Police that hatchlings were everywhere at the villas. It was a horrific sight. Nest #9 hatched. Not knowing what really happened but a couple of fisherman felt them on their feet, realized what it was and called the family. People were everywhere on the beach with their flashlights. Hatchlings were everywhere. Several were found under the walkway, there were tracks going in all directions on the beach. We got everyone to turn lights off and calm down. Then again this morning folks were finding them in their yards, one even made it to the fire department.

So, NS becomes nest #56 and inventory will be Sunday night @ 7:00

Nest #4 had more tracks. Inventory Saturday @ 7:00

Nest #14, morning patrol rescued one hatchling in the green from a crab. The hole looks as if it may have had more activity but no tracks. We are calling it first emergence and still sitting. Inventory to be determined.

Nest #9, inventory Sunday.

The tide isn’t as high now so we need to extend the green closer to the tide line. We will be taking more out this evening in the ATV.