Nest #57, Monday July 31

Nest #57 today and a false crawl. Both were at the east point. Both were 36″ crawls. 51 eggs were relocated to west of the lifeguard stand. An odd looking spacer egg was used for the DNA egg.

Nest #14 had 69 hatchlings emerge at 9:05 last night.

Nests #12 and #14 both had more tracks this morning.

Inventory results for nest #9: 106 shells, 5 unhatched, 1 pipped and 1 live hatchling

Inventory results for nest #56: 129 shells and 6 unhatched. It was no wonder we didn’t find the eggs the first time and we nearly didn’t find them this time because they were so deep, probably 30 inches down.

Nest #7 inventory tonight, #12 & #14 tomorrow night.