Nests & Weather – July 1, 2016

WOW, the weather is sure disrupting my routine!

First, yesterday I reported 2 false crawls. The crawl near marker 54, we searched for eggs but the storm came so we left the flags around and decided to go back later. Later we did finally locate the eggs so Nest #28 was laid on June 30 near marker 54.


Thunder and lightning at 6:00 and got soaked at 8:00 but found 1 false crawl and three nests. It was raining so hard we left and went back at noon.

1 – 36” false crawl at Marker 52 in the Baptists. She crawled several hundred yards in the dunes but didn’t lay. Nest 29 from a 33” crawl at Marker 65. Nest 30 from a 33” crawl at Marker 66. A large ghost crab was in the nest and we found the remains of an egg. We didn’t think it was in good enough condition for DNA. Nest 31 from a 36” crawl west of Sellers Street.