Sunday, August 8

The last gold Medal of the Caswell Beach Turtle Olympics goes to Nest #18! Nest # 18 boiled at 7:30 pm last night! 91 turtles emerged. 15 slightly confused. Nest sponsors Dee and Michael Strickland were present. ( They will be sending us a video and I will share it when received.)

The last Silver Medal goes to Nest #19!  Mr. Joe Martin watched 13 hatchlings emerge around midnight.  He had to scare the crabs away!  Thanks, Mr. Joe!

The Bronze Medal goes to Nest #4!  There were more hatchling tracks in the runway!  Come on babies! Nest #15 also had 1 hatchling emerge last night!  They tie for the Bronze Medal!

No new crawls or nests during the night.
There is a large hole between Nests #24 and #28.  The Town was notified.  Nearby residents will speak with visitors if they see them.
Thanks to those of you who braved the elements last night!  It wasn’t too bad, but not the clear night we were hoping for. Looks like the next couple of days may be better!

Video is a YouTube link.