Sunday, August 2

No new crawls or nests.

Nest 11 had 1 hatchling emerge

Nest 8 had a few tracks

Nest 12 had 3 more in the evening

Nest 10 had 5 in the evening and a big crab hole this morning

Nest 8 inventory results: 70 shells, 20 unhatched eggs, 39 that didn’t fit any of the categories, 16 live hatchlings and a lot of other undistinguishable stuff.  This is the nest that we moved from Southport (143 eggs) and when we moved it, noted that the bottom of the nest was in standing water and 2 eggs were broken in the nest.  Also noted that the eggs felt really thin.  Now after incubation, they were really thin. When the embryo got big enough the egg shell split.  The nest was a mess.  The positive thing is…if we hadn’t moved it there would be none because it was already in water.  The team did have 21 hatchlings the first night, several during the night, 7 last night and 16 live hatchlings today.  I sent pictures to Matthew and Sarah.  He actually replied that SC had a nest in which most of the eggs were shell-less, just yolks and albumin.  DNA will tell us if they are related.  Always interesting.