Sunday, August 22

The bugs drove many of the volunteers and visitors away last night!
Nest #47 had 3 hatchlings (Charlie’s Angels) emerge one at a time at about 8:40 pm.  It was evident that more were just under the surface, so Team 9 waited them out!  Under very bright moonlight, 100 more hatchlings emerged at 10:28 pm moving quickly and going straight to the water within 5 minutes with “Ivy” bringing up the rear!

Sunday Morning:

  • There was a big crab hole in Nest #27.
  • Nest #38 had a crab hole.
  • Nest #42 MAY have hatched?? Nice indentation, but no tracks visible.
  • Nest #48 had a big crab hole and egg shells in the runway. Shells were buried outside of the green on right side and marked with Oyster shells.
  • Nest #57 has a slight indentation.
  • Some green was left at Nest #58, will drop more tomorrow.
  • Nest #58 was NOT overwashed last night!
  • Nesting Site 1 had no change.
  • Let’s hope those bugs go AWAY for tonight’s activity!

This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 21ST03)