Sunday, June 27

Wow!  The Morning Patrol had to call for reinforcements today!  They had 3 false crawls, 1 Nesting Site and 4 new nests bringing us to 50 for sure and one more maybe.  Thanks to the Morning Patrol for working extra hard! One mama walked through a wedding pergola, over a stack of wood and nested on the other side.  The eggs were relocated because the nest was right next to the pergola post.

  • Nest #47 Crawl Width:  87cm/34″
  • Nest #48 Crawl Width: 90.4cm/37″
  • Nest #49 Crawl Width: 80.5cm/33-1/4″
  • Nest #50 Crawl Width: 89cm/35″
  • Nesting Site Crawl Width: 86cm/34″

Crabs got into Nest #29 AGAIN!  Kathleen actually saw the eggs at the end of the crab tunnel.  They covered it again.