Sunday, May 30

Joy, Kathleen and Wanda worked hard to find the eggs today!   We had 2 new nests and one false crawl.

The False Crawl was located east of  Fort Caswell’s Maritime Way Access.  Mama climbed up the escarpment, dug a hole, left no eggs and didn’t cover the hole. Crawl width:  89 cm/35″

Nest 9 Crawl width:  95cm/37″. 143 Eggs relocated above the high tide line

Nest 10 Crawl width:  67 cm/26″  (SHE WAS SMALL!). 126 Eggs relocated above the high tide line.

Last year Nest 8 was laid on May 29th and Nest 9 was laid on May 31st, so we are a little ahead of those stats even with our late start!