Sunday, September 11

Saturday Night:  Beautiful, but buggy.

Nest #81 had some hatchlings emerge just before 9:00 with a nice group of visitors who were smitten! They then counted down and waited for the Space-X Rocket.  It was a cool sight to see!  It looked like the Rocket Booster fell right on top of Bald Head, but we know it was out to sea.

Sunday Morning:

Nests #74, #76 and #79 inventory areas were dug into by crabs.  Some egg shells were removed.

Nest #84 appears to have had some hatchlings emerge.  The wet sand in the runway prevents us from knowing just how many.  

Nest #88 has an indention at day 47.  Team 7 has had several nests start the hatching process early this season!

The tide did get pretty high again last night, but I think we were all in the clear.  Thank you for all attempts to watch and try to prevent water damage!

12 more nests to go!  Have a great day!

And also, let’s remember this day – 21 years ago

A portrait of the Twin Towers in NYC made with the faces of the victims of the 9/11 attacks