Thursday, August 20

Nothing new today.

Coyotes dug into nests that had already been inventoried

Nest 21 had hatchlings in the runway Sunday morning (1 live and 2 dead) but it had rained heavily. Excavation results:  55 shells, 77 unhatched eggs, 6 dead hatchling and 7 live hatchlings.   Nest 21 hatched during the rain at 55 days incubation.

We don’t know the disposition of our nests and some of you have been sitting for a long time.  About half of the ones left have a general location and as some of you are already experiencing, we don’t really even know if we are watching the right spot and if the rain has washed away any tracks…it’s difficult.  We could be watching a bunch of nests for 80 days and marking more as lost if we don’t get to see the hatchlings.