Thursday, August 24

Mystery about nest #36 solved. I got an email last night. A family that has been visiting our beach for decades and were actually taught the art of turtle watching by Milt and Jane Reece were the ones who saw #36 boil around 12:30 a.m. The number of hatchlings they counted was 65 and underlined the number. It is a really heartwarming story in that they’ve been coming for years, generations. Grandpa had to stay home because he is very ill, actually in hospice care. Mom and Dad flew down for just one night. Alison, her siblings, their children and her parents went to the beach to turtle watch and were lucky enough to see nest #36 boil. So thank you descendants of Bob Schmit for standing watch and making sure our hatchlings made it to the water. Precious family memories.

Morning findings
Nothing to report

Evening events
Inventory results for nest #38: 114 shells, 4 unhatched, 2 pipped and 7 live hatchlings

Inventory schedule:
Nest #40 – Thursday @ 7:00
Nest #35 – Friday @ 7:00
Nest #36 – Friday @ 6:00