Tuesday, August 10

Crazy night last night!  Here’s what we know happened before midnight:
While riding her bike, a Turtle Ambassador found a hatchling IN THE ROAD yesterday (we are still learning more details to this story). She took it to the Lighthouse access to release it while another visitor looked on.  Our best guess is that the hatchling may have been dropped by a bird. 

  • Nest #32 had a big drop and hole at 8:00 with 116 turtles emerging between 9:38-9:55. There was one more turtle print on the runway this morning.
  • Nest #35 had 2 scouting hatchlings emerge to check things out for the 68 that boiled at 9:29. 70 turtles were seen in all.  There was a large crab hole there this morning.
  • Nest #4 had at least 2 turtles make their way to the ocean close to 11:00.
  • Nest #13 had 2 turtles emerge at 11:29.

Nest #4 Inventory this morning with a really nice group of visitors:

  • Live Hatchlings – 17 (they were under some very heavy sand!)
  • Dead Hatchlings – 1
  • Pipped Eggs – 0
  • Unhatched Eggs – 51
  • Egg Shells – 85