Tuesday, August 11

No new crawls or nests but some good news.

Nest 33 has been located.  Folks called late last night and told us there were eggs near nest 30 and we asked them to leave us a way to see them.  They had a nice circle with sticks all around.  Sure enough the eggs were right on the surface and looked nice and white.  We mounded the sand, put a cage over and marked the nest.  That is actually the second time eggs were on the surface since the storm. 

Nest 20 had a crab hole and about 4-5 hatchling tracks.  Some made it to the water but there was a dead hatchling several yards from the nest.  The hatchling looked fully developed and had no egg sac.  Green was dropped off and the team will start sitting.

Nest 18 had another crab hole and 61 looked like swiss cheese with 4 crab holes.