Tuesday, July 12

Nest # 1 hatched, 3 new nests, 1 false crawl and a rainbow to report today!

Nest #1 hatched at 2:00 am!   Visitors in a house behind the nest called at 2:00 am to report it was hatching.  IT WAS THE FIRST NEST IN THE STATE REPORTED TO HATCH!!!!  The visitor was a UNC-W student who had experience with nest boils.  How lucky is that?  We had been chased off by the bugs last night a little after 9:30.  Teresa and I checked it again at about Midnight after responding to a call about a mama turtle nesting.  It was still flat then.  

We were blessed to see that mama turtle as she was finishing up her nest.  We then checked and she had a Flipper Tag!  We are excited about reporting that!  The pictures were taken with the Night Sight feature on my camera. The nest (Nest #73) was moved this morning as it was just above the high tide line. 138 eggs were moved back to the dune line.

Nest #74 was laid high and dry!

Nest #75 was laid just above a high tide line in an area known for flooding.  94 eggs were relocated to a safer location.

The False Crawl was attempted directly in front of another nest.  Mama started a nest cavity and deserted it.  There were a lot of thick roots where she dug.

There was also a very large hole left on the beach near the public parking lot.  Patrol tried to fill it in, but it was just too big.  The town was notified and will be filling it in with equipment.  Dangerous for turtles as well as humans!

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).