Tuesday, June22

Oh, What a Night and a Day!

We got a call about a Mama laying last night around 9:00. Went down to flag the nest and found another Mama laying! 2 at the same time less than a block apart. We kept our distance and let them do their thing. Several very respectful visitors were excited to witness the beauty of nature!
Morning Patrol found the eggs and marked the nests and had 2 others in addition!
***This morning we got a call about a turtle on the beach. By the time Teresa got there, Mama KEMP’S was going back into the water. Teresa was able scan for tags (non found). Of course, I missed it again! The nest was HARD to find, just like the first Kemp’s. A sweet family was there to capture pictures and video.

Nest #36 (Teresa and I saw this one) 81.2 cm/32″ Crawl Width:  81.2 cm/32″
Nest #37 Crawl Width:  93.9 cm/37″ 126 Eggs Relocated (the bottom of the nest had standing water)
Nest #38 (I saw this one after a visitor called Crawl Width:  99 cm/39″ 
Nest #39 Crawl Width:  91.4 cm/36″
Nest #40 (Kemp’s laid around 9-9:30 this morning) Crawl Width: (Can’t remember, it’s written in the buggy book!) 64 eggs relocated to the dune.

Visitors sent us some of the pictures: