Wednesday, July 17

 It was a busy night on Caswell Beach!
Nest #2 had a partial boil of 47 turtles racing to the sea with 98 very respectful observers.
Nest 3 boiled with 83 hatchings at about 12:40. The hole appeared at 10:45. All the hatchlings went straight to the sea.
While waiting at Nest #3, Team 1 had the privilege of watching a Mama Turtle lay her eggs in the 400 Block!  WOW!  Visitors got to see a mama laying and a nest boil in the same night!  Can you believe that!
This morning:Nest #90 was relocated from East of Maritime way.  128 Eggs, 41″ Crawl
Nest #91 was laid safely West of the 300 Block.  36″ Crawl
False Crawl East of Maritime Way.  36″ Crawl