August 8, 2023 – Inventories, Nest #8 Emergence, Storm Issues, Oh My!

Our monitoring teams had to leave their posts last night when the storm was approaching in order to stay safe!  The wind was still blowing out there this morning and some nest runways had a lot of sand blown in and buckets up in the dunes.  Our Morning Patrol and assigned teams will be checking all nests today.

We also have several inventories to report on – thanks to all the turtle supporters that joined us!

Thursday Evening Inventories:

Nest #1
Hatched Egg Shells – 72
Unhatched Eggs- 27
Pipped – 0
Live – 16
Dead – 0

Nest #12:
Hatched Egg Shells – 100
Unhatched Eggs- 21
Pipped – 0
Live – 0
Dead – 1

Nest #21:
Hatched Egg Shells – 100
Unhatched Eggs- 25
Pipped – 0
Live – 8
Dead -1

Nest #22:
Hatched Egg Shells – 110
Unhatched Eggs- 14
Pipped – 0
Live – 1
Dead – 3

The Live from Nest #22 was LEUCISTIC! Leucism is a lack of pigment.  The turtle has dark eyes, not pink like an Albino.

Nest #8 had 26 hatchlings before Team 8 left the beach.  +1 was added overnight.

Nest #32 has activity under the sand on DAY 48!  It was a relocated nest.

We had some awesome Turtle Ambassadors last night who are the Grandchildren of Jane and Milton Reece (former coordinators for CBTW).  The Goodall’s found a hatchling in a tidal pool and called us right away.  The hatchling was released in the water, beyond the breakers.  They are continuing their Grandparent’s legacy!

Nest Inventories!

(Includes our Daytime Mama Nest)

Nest #8 and #32 Activity, Morning Update

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 23ST03).

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