Friday, July 30

  • Yay for Nest #2 on Day 63!  It hatched last night with 72 hatchlings making it to the water!  No additional tracks were noticed this morning.
  • Nest #12 had 9 more hatchlings last night and even more overnight!
  • Nest #10 had a few more hatchlings overnight.
  • Nest #6 has a slight dip in the center
  • No new nests again today. 


  • We did the Inventory on Nest #1 after Morning Patrol.  WOW, y’all!It was a relocated nest with 68 eggs.  There were 66 eggshells and only 2 unhatched!!!!!  3 Hatchlings were waiting to get out and made it slowly down the long runway to the low tide.  There were NO dead or Pipped!!!  That really is incredible stats!!!
  • Nest #9″s Inventory was last night at 7:00There were many EXCITED visitors there to observe and cheer on the 5 hatchlings that were found in the bottom of the nest!  The nest was a relocated nest and had 143 eggs. Results:  128 eggshells, 14 Unhatched or Pipped, 1 Dead and 5 Live Hatchlings