Friday, July 9

WOW, Y’all, it’s JOY!  She draws them in!  7 crawls today.  4 False Crawls and 3 Nests!
3 False Crawls on the East End all had the same crawl width.  One of the body pit areas had Coyote tracks all over it.  Guess he scared her away!

  • Nest #62 Crawl Width:  84cm/33″
  • Nest #63 Crawl Width:  96cm/38 She made 2 attempts.  She left an empty nest cavity before moving farther up the dune to nest.
  • Nest #64 Crawl Width:  84cm/33″

Many Nests were overwashed, most were just a splash but a couple were still a bit wet on top.

  • 2-Splashed
  • 12-Crab hole in center.  Piece of eggshell on top. Saw a good egg in the crab tunnel.
  • 19-Wet on top
  • 20-Wet and sign pushed over
  • 26-Wet and log washed up to nest posts
  • 30-Splashed
  • 33-Wet on top
  • 34-Splashed
  • 36-Splashed
  • 39-Splashed
  • 53-Splashed
  • 55-Wet on top