Friday, September 6

I hope that everyone is okay.  It feels like we, as an island in the path of a major hurricane, faired really well.  Doesn’t look like much structural damage just limbs.

Morning Patrol:

  • We have lost a couple of nests.
  • Nest 94 is gone, washed away.  There was a couple of eggs and the cage in the dunes.
  • Nest 97 had standing water during the king tides and was overwashed during the storm. 
  • The green nesting site was filled in with sand and water.

Remaining possible nests:

  • Nest 89 is possible but not probable.  It has an extra 5-6 inches of sand.
  • Nest 96 is possible and because of stage of incubation, more hope than 89.
  • Nests 95, 93 and 92 all look like they were overwashed but not terribly.  We did put a couple of rolls of green at each of these.  Please put the green out and check periodically but I wouldn’t be concerned about sitting.
  • We could have more hatchlings….it’s possible.  Regardless, we have had a very successful season already having released more than twice as many hatchlings as we would in any year.