Saturday, September 7

Nothing happening out there yet.  We will continue morning patrol for the next week or so, probably on foot. 

We are trying to plan a gathering for end of season. Gary wants a cookout…you know him and his hotdogs!  LOL!  Probably end of September, first of October. 

I didn’t realize until today that I had not reported the 2 nests that did hatch during the storm were 85 & 90. Lan was keeping check on 85 and sent pictures of when it cracked Wednesday morning. We went by to check on it and you could see hatchlings sleeping so we planned to go back just before high tide. The tide came in quick so Lan called to report water in the runway. When we got back the hole was back and they were moving. We made them an exit ramp and off they were. We had to take them across the tide pool and the waves were so rough but at least they were off. Inventory results: 107 shells, 4 unhatched and 9 live hatchlings still in the nest. Nest 91 decided to have a few emerge Thursday. Inventory: 81 shells, 19 unhatched and 6 pipped.