Monday, July 25

No new nests and no false crawls this morning. 

3 more hatchling tracks  from Nest #11

Crab Hole at Nest #13 (Large crab)

We got a call from our Pebble Beach Patrol in Southport about what looks like a single hatchling crawl. Susan and I checked it out, but we couldn’t find an emergence area.  The tracks are similar, but not just like our Loggerhead hatchlings.  P Patrol will keep a watch on the area.

Sunday Evening

Nest #14 hatched after 10:30 pm.  71 hatchlings were counted.

Nest #3 had a very disappointing and sad inventory last night. The dead hatchlings were above the egg shells in the chamber, but did not make it out.  We think the heavy rains of last week made it too difficult to crawl out.  

Live Hatchlings-0

Dead Hatchlings-63

Unhatched Eggs-9

Hatched Egg Shells-123

At least we know that 60 hatchlings made it out of the nest.

Nest #10 Inventory results were much better.  They did have some hatchlings with flipper issues and 1 that was badly deformed.

  • Live Hatchlings-9
  • Dead Hatchlings-2
  • Unhatched Eggs-5
  • Hatched Egg Shells-101

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).