Tuesday, July 26

Lots of excitement overnight and this morning!  

Nest #8 hatched at about 9:50 with 96 hatchlings and some very helpful residents!  We have some new Turtle Ambassadors!  2 more hatchlings emerged at some point later.

Nest #14 had 4 more hatchlings emerge after 9:40 last night with more helpful visitors!

*Pebble Beach Patrol found lots of hatchling tracks today!  They came from behind an area that was previously marked as a false crawl.  Mama had crawled over a log into Marsh grass.  When a “Wild” nest is found, an immediate excavation is completed.  We are calling this Nest #89.

  • Live Hatchlings-16
  • Dead Hatchlings-2 (one was used for DNA testing)
  • Unhatched Eggs-77 (The nest cavity was very wet at the bottom which made it difficult¬†for the lower eggs to develop. 16 plump white eggs were relocated because of possible viability)
  • Hatched Egg Shells-42

We had Nest #88 on the East End that had to be moved.  74 eggs were relocated to a safer location. There were also 2 false crawls!

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).