Monday, July 26

WOW, Oh, WOW! Congratulations to Team 8 on the First Emergence!!

We got a call at about 10;00 am that Nest #9 had a big hole.  It indeed had a large hole.  It appeared that hatchlings probably came out during the first hard rain this morning after Morning Patrol.  Martha, Marianne and I talked with the helpful visitors.  Unfortunately, they found a dead hatchling several feet away from the bottom of the green (ghost crab attack).  The hatchling was Fully developed and did not have a yolk sac, so those babies were ready! Also unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how many came out.  Very Exciting!

While sitting at Nest #1 last night, focused on looking for hatchlings, we just missed a Mama turtle lay her eggs 40 yards west of us! Visitors were leaving and almost ran into it. She was on her way back to the ocean. (Nest #82)

Added bonus, we saw a magnificent shooting star with amazing colors. Almost thought it was fireworks!

Nest #1 did not hatch last night and had no action this morning.
Morning Patrol had 3 nests total.  These Mama’s aren’t making it easy for us to find the eggs!  We need to send them the slideshow from N.C. Wildlife!

  • Nest #82 Crawl Width: 95 cm/37″
  • Nest #83 Crawl Width: 95 cm/37″
  • Nest #84 Crawl Width:. 80cm/32″
  • Nests #58 and #53 has splash overs. Nests #1 and #12 has splashes up runways
  • Nest #12 has a divot
  • TONIGHT SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING!  I have a feeling this week is going to be like popcorn popping!