Tuesday, July 27

3 more nests hatched last night after the morning emergence of Nest #9 yesterday!
Nest #1 hatched at about 10:00 with 60 hatchlings counted.  8 were very disoriented due to a bright street light behind the nest.  A few volunteers stood behind to try and block the light.  After several attempts at redirecting them, they were placed lower on the runway where they could see the white on the water.  
Nest #7 had a large boil at about 11:00 seen by a visiting family.  They reported it had more hatchlings than Nest #1, but were not able to count them.  They came out fast and all together.  Team 6 hated they missed it!
Nest #12 hatched at about 11:30 with 55 hatchlings making it quickly into the water.
All visitors were helpful and in awe of the experience!  Our volunteers were, too!
The Morning Patrol got out before the rain this morning and reported that no new nests were laid and no other nests hatched during the night.  Nest #58 and maybe #53 had over wash or splash overs.  Nest #70 and Nest # 9 had crab holes.