Wednesday, July 28

Nest #3 WINS THE GOLD in a full sweep!  The other Nests evidently dropped out of last night’s competition!  They had a large empty crater last night with no evidence of action, so they covered it up and went home.  Sometime during the night the crater reappeared and hatchlings emerged.  No idea how many because of the heavy rains. They could make out a couple of tracks leading straight to the ocean.  There was also a hatchling a little ways down the beach heading to the water via a tidal pool.  Unfortunately, a dead hatchling was found in the runway, victim of a ghost crab attack.  
In other news: Nest #9 had a crab hole and a slight indentation Nest #10 had a live hatchling in the runway and made it to the water. Nest #70 had another crab hole
There was also one False Crawl.
Today should be interesting with all the rain (that’s when Nest #9 came out)!

Amendment:. Nest #10 evidently hatched also!  Tie for the Gold!