Nests #21-23, Thursday June 15

Yesterday’s false crawl between the Baptist lifeguard stand and the 100 walkway is actually Nest #21.  She went up into the dune and when she was covering the nest, she was throwing sand uphill.  So the mound was not actually covering the nest at all.

Today we had 2 nests and 5 false crawls.

Nest #22 is east of the 300 walkway and had a 40” crawl.

Nest #23 is east of the public parking lot and had a 34” crawl.

False crawls were: 34” near 601 walkway, 27” east of public parking, 40” west of public parking, 31” in front of Ocean Greens, 29” middle of villas.

I put a video of Reece’s release on our Facebook page.  It was a pretty awesome experience.  She looked sooooo much bigger  and her skin was so pink and healthy.  Our 1 in a 1000 that got to swim away again because we took time.