Saturday, Septerber 1

SEPTEMBER 1! Unbelievable!

Nest #30 had 2 hatchlings this morning.

It is a holiday weekend and our nests are near the public parking area, so we could have crowds. I know you all already do but remember that our job is to protect the hatchlings and see them safely to the water. Educate our visitors about being good stewards of our beach and water as well as all the things we know about our sea turtles.

Last Inventory of the Season, October 5

Nest #58 was inventoried tonight resulting in 49 shells, 63 unhatched, 1 pipped and 2 live hatchlings. The unhatched eggs were very brown again and looked hairy. Maybe it was the wet weather we had. At any rate, we did the best we could.

Sunday is our end of season gathering. Please bring your spouse, significant other or your best friend if you want. It’s not the biggest place in the world but it’s always been big enough for us.

Food is whatever you want to bring. I was thinking finger food/pickups. We will have desserts and drinks. It’s always nice to socialize one more time before we go our separate ways for the winter.

Thank you again for a great year.

Gary and Susan

Tuesday, July 25

No new nest today.

Nest #6 had a crab peeking out of a hole and a hatchling which is never a good combination. We chased the crab off and watched the hatchling swim away. I had a message on Facebook from Sunday night that I did not see until later in the day yesterday, but a family watched 10 hatchlings emerge from nest #6 Sunday night just after 9. They watched them all make it to the ocean even though the last one, which they named Dylan, took the scenic route but still made it. They were so excited and I’m glad they were there.

Inventory tonight at 7:00.

I’m sending a picture of nest #14.

Nothing notable at #2, #4 and the rest.

Inventory results from nest #5: 89 shells, 29 unhatched eggs and 3 live hatchlings

Nests #54 & 55, Monday July 24

2 new nests and 2 false crawls. False crawls were both 34″ and east of Joe O’Brien walkway.

Nest #54 is just west of 629 walkway and had a 36″ crawl. It is really close to the same place as #1. Wouldn’t it be something if that were the same turtle.

Nest #55 is in front of the villas and had a 35″ crawl.

Nests #30, #28 & #45 had been over-washed and/or were covered in sea foam.

Nest #5 had 3 large crab holes and 1 dead hatchling. It will be inventoried tonight at 7:00.

Nest #3 inventory results: 71 shells, 35 live hatchlings, 49 unhatched eggs and 5 pipped dead.

Team 4 hasn’t seen any hatchling movement at nest #2 but they did see a mama turtle going back out to the ocean. One of the false crawls for sure and probably both.

Sunday, July 23

No new nests today.

There was a false crawl at the 300 walkway. She had a 35″ crawl and went way up in the dune.

Nest #5 had one little hatchling emerge yesterday evening with all the support team 5 could give it. Then the rest in the picture came out during the night.

Nest #6 had one hatchling emerge about 9:45, then 15 minutes later the other 76 followed. A few visitors from Alabama assisted members of team 1 with extending the green, counting and clean up. A great experience for all.

Nest #5 had a hole and a few more tracks.

Nest # 12 has a dimple and we will deliver green later today.

The inventory for nest #3 is tonight at 7:00. Last inventory we had lots of cars parked along the road, some ours and some not. The police have a warning on their sign going onto Caswell Beach Road. It is a bit of a walk from the parking lot. Carpool from the parking lot if you can’t walk. If you park on the road, have your parking pass or expect a ticket.

Nest #53, Saturday July 22

Nest #53 is located west of Tom Hess and had a 38″ crawl. We had the nicest cheering section today. They don’t have many turtle nest in Ohio.

Nest #5 had 43 hatchlings emerge before dark then more tracks in the runway this morning.

Green was delivered to nest #7 this morning.

Wednesday, July 19

No new nest this morning but it was a beautiful morning. A great day to have more hatchlings (come on nest 2 and 3).

Nest 50 had a big crab hole for the second time this week. Nest 5 is showing a little depression.

Inventory at nest 1 last night was pleasantly surprising. We could only account for 30 hatchlings having emerged but we 101 shells, 10 unhatched, 5 live hatchlings and 1 dead. There was a big crowd but everyone was great. Thank you first years for coming out with us and hanging through the marathon. It’s going to be a great turtle season.

Tuesday, July 18

Nest #51 is located between walkway 300 and the lighthouse and her crawl was 33”.

No new hatchling activity but nest #1 inventory tonight at 7:00. Please park in the public parking lot. We will inventory in rain but not lightning.

Green is ready at nest #5 & #6.