Saturday, Septerber 1

SEPTEMBER 1! Unbelievable! Nest #30 had 2 hatchlings this morning. It is a holiday weekend and our nests are near the public parking area, so we could have crowds. I know you all already do but remember that our job is to protect the hatchlings and see them safely to the water. Educate our visitors Read More

Tuesday, July 25

No new nest today. Nest #6 had a crab peeking out of a hole and a hatchling which is never a good combination. We chased the crab off and watched the hatchling swim away. I had a message on Facebook from Sunday night that I did not see until later in the day yesterday, but Read More

Sunday, July 23

No new nests today. There was a false crawl at the 300 walkway. She had a 35″ crawl and went way up in the dune. Nest #5 had one little hatchling emerge yesterday evening with all the support team 5 could give it. Then the rest in the picture came out during the night. Nest Read More

Nest #53, Saturday July 22

Nest #53 is located west of Tom Hess and had a 38″ crawl. We had the nicest cheering section today. They don’t have many turtle nest in Ohio. Nest #5 had 43 hatchlings emerge before dark then more tracks in the runway this morning. Green was delivered to nest #7 this morning.

Wednesday, July 19

No new nest this morning but it was a beautiful morning. A great day to have more hatchlings (come on nest 2 and 3). Nest 50 had a big crab hole for the second time this week. Nest 5 is showing a little depression. Inventory at nest 1 last night was pleasantly surprising. We could Read More

Tuesday, July 18

Nest #51 is located between walkway 300 and the lighthouse and her crawl was 33”. No new hatchling activity but nest #1 inventory tonight at 7:00. Please park in the public parking lot. We will inventory in rain but not lightning. Green is ready at nest #5 & #6.