Tuesday, July 25

No new nest today.

Nest #6 had a crab peeking out of a hole and a hatchling which is never a good combination. We chased the crab off and watched the hatchling swim away. I had a message on Facebook from Sunday night that I did not see until later in the day yesterday, but a family watched 10 hatchlings emerge from nest #6 Sunday night just after 9. They watched them all make it to the ocean even though the last one, which they named Dylan, took the scenic route but still made it. They were so excited and I’m glad they were there.

Inventory tonight at 7:00.

I’m sending a picture of nest #14.

Nothing notable at #2, #4 and the rest.

Inventory results from nest #5: 89 shells, 29 unhatched eggs and 3 live hatchlings