Nests #54 & 55, Monday July 24

2 new nests and 2 false crawls. False crawls were both 34″ and east of Joe O’Brien walkway.

Nest #54 is just west of 629 walkway and had a 36″ crawl. It is really close to the same place as #1. Wouldn’t it be something if that were the same turtle.

Nest #55 is in front of the villas and had a 35″ crawl.

Nests #30, #28 & #45 had been over-washed and/or were covered in sea foam.

Nest #5 had 3 large crab holes and 1 dead hatchling. It will be inventoried tonight at 7:00.

Nest #3 inventory results: 71 shells, 35 live hatchlings, 49 unhatched eggs and 5 pipped dead.

Team 4 hasn’t seen any hatchling movement at nest #2 but they did see a mama turtle going back out to the ocean. One of the false crawls for sure and probably both.