Sunday, July 23

No new nests today.

There was a false crawl at the 300 walkway. She had a 35″ crawl and went way up in the dune.

Nest #5 had one little hatchling emerge yesterday evening with all the support team 5 could give it. Then the rest in the picture came out during the night.

Nest #6 had one hatchling emerge about 9:45, then 15 minutes later the other 76 followed. A few visitors from Alabama assisted members of team 1 with extending the green, counting and clean up. A great experience for all.

Nest #5 had a hole and a few more tracks.

Nest # 12 has a dimple and we will deliver green later today.

The inventory for nest #3 is tonight at 7:00. Last inventory we had lots of cars parked along the road, some ours and some not. The police have a warning on their sign going onto Caswell Beach Road. It is a bit of a walk from the parking lot. Carpool from the parking lot if you can’t walk. If you park on the road, have your parking pass or expect a ticket.