Nests #26 & 27, Sunday June 18

What a whirlwind day!  2 Nests and 3 false crawls, 1 stranded turtle to Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital

False crawls were 36″ @ the east end point, 33″ @ the east end just west of the point and a really odd 23″ @ the golf course steps.

Nest #26, 34″ crawl, in front of Ocean Greens.  We moved 101 eggs above the high tide.

Nest #27, 35″ crawl, dug a hole then crawled up toward the dune dug another hole to lay the eggs.

About 10:00, Sarah called with a stranded turtle.  A fisherman spotted her and realized she was in distress.  He tried to scoop her up but she swam off but was only gone for a minute.  He was able to scoop her up and met us at the boat ramp.  We were able to get her to the hospital quickly and they started to work on her right away.  She has an apparent boat strike and had it for some time as she was really weak and covered in barnacles and stuff.  She’s in good hands and time will tell.