Thursday, August 5

Whew!  It’s been a long day already! Just when we wondered if we would have any more nests…
Nest #86 Crawl Width:  112cm/42″ The nest was laid way up in the dune!

After a few days of speculation, Team 8 got word at about midnight last night that Nest #24 hatched.  The visitor found one hatchling in the runway.  This morning there was another hole in the top and MANY hatchling tracks in the sand!  Gold Medal for Nest #24!

Nest # 17 had a small hole in the top of the nest area with one hatchling track leading down.

  VERY good results in our Inventories this morning!

  • Nest #22 (Kemp’s) Inventory:
    • Live Hatchlings:0
    • Dead Hatchlings-0
    • Pipped Eggs-0
    • Unhatched Eggs-4 of the unhatched eggs were mostly formed turtles whose development stopped a week or so before hatching.  These were put in vials and will be sent to the lab in GA for Paternal DNA testing.  The egg we send from each nest is used for Maternal DNA testing.  So the Kemp’s will be fully checked!
    • Egg Shells-872
  • Nest #16 inventory:
    • Live Hatchlings-43
    • Dead Hatchlings-0
    • Pipped Eggs-0
    • Unhatched Eggs-1
    • Egg Shells-108 All but 1 hatched!!!!  It was a very white and full egg.  It was buried near the top of the nest just in case it hatches.  The 43 hatchlings were right at the top of the nest really ready to come out!

Tonight looks like a fair night for sitting.  Good luck out there!