Wednesday, August 4

Turtle Ambassadors

We have a new label for our helping visitors!  Turtle Ambassadors and Junior Turtle Ambassadors. I will look into having some stickers made. 
Last night 2 visiting families earned these titles! The Kos family and The Kirkpatrick family.  They stayed with Nest #11 while turtles were emerging in the pouring rain.  They saw 51 hatchlings to the water.  While they may not have done things by the book, they did what needed to be done to keep the turtles safe (12 were disoriented).  Thanks also to Tom and Barbara Waite for seeing the nest checked and covered in the end! 
So Nest #11 is awarded the Gold Medal in last night’s race!

Nest #24 had a hole again in the center of the nest.  No apparent flipper tracks because of rain. Nest #16 had a hole.  Crab or emergence?  Don’t know. Nest #17 had a crab hole with a fully formed dead hatchling.

1 False Crawl this morning and no new nests.

I’m sure all runways will need some attention today from blowing sand.  The tides have been rough and reaching above a normal high tide line, too.
Thanks for your hard work and continued commitment!