Tuesday, August 31

Oops, and a Sunday Inventory.  This nest was our earliest to hatch so far this year at Day 49.

  • Nest #61 Inventory
    • Live Hatchlings-15
    • Dead Hatchlings-0
    • Pipped Eggs-1
    • Unhatched Eggs-3
    • Hatched Egg Shells-89

Monday Night was a quiet one as far as boils and inventories go.

Tuesday Morning:

  • #46 had crab holes and still has a dip in the center
  • #53 had a few hatchling tracks and a crab hole.
  • #62 had a crab hole.
  • #63 possibly had another hatchling track.
  • #64 had a crab hole.
  • #65 had one hatchling stuck on a vine this morning and 10 additional tracks in the runway.
  • Hope all are able to get a little break now and then!Thanks for all you are doing!

This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 21ST03)